About Us

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Company Origins
"Natural Ingredients for Natural Products" is the focus of OBIA Naturals. The mission of OBIA Naturals is to produce pH balanced, vegan and herbal-based natural hair and body care products for women and men. Our eco-friendly line of hair care products work in all hair textures and this is attributed to the fact that our products are science-based. The products are pH balanced for naturally curly hair, but they also work in transitioning and/or relaxed hair textures. Our brand strives to serve customers who not only care about the way their hair looks and feels, but also about the knowledge of hair maintenance and hair management.

Presented with the “2015 Best Emerging Brand for Type 4 Natural Hair” by the editors at Naturally Curly; OBIA Naturals is focused on producing vegan, pH balanced, non-toxic hair and body care products that offer a natural alternative to conscientious consumers. The OBIA Naturals journey began in 2012, when Obia Ewah decided to use her dual bachelor’s degree in both Chemistry and Biology to start a hair and skin care line that addressed her sensitive skin needs.

On the path to becoming a doctor, it was during Obia’s 3rd year of medical school when she fell ill and started becoming more conscientious of the foods she ate and the products she used on her hair and body. As a part of her quest to live a healthier lifestyle, Obia decided to shed her relaxed tresses for her naturally tightly coiled texture. Known as the “Big Chop,” Obia’s newly embraced coif left her needing the right combination of products to tame her thick hair without jeopardizing her overall health with toxins. A former chemist for private label cosmetic manufacturing companies, Obia recognized the void in the market and began tinkering with her own formulas that used the natural ingredients that she had spent years studying about during her days at the University of North Texas. 

In just 9 years, what started out as botanical blends for friends and family has blossomed into a global business of pH Balanced, herbal based vegan products that do not contain: mineral oil, sulfates, petroleum, alcohol, silicones, honey, beeswax, goat’s milk or any animal protein. Being a member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists enables Obia to attend seminars regularly to stay on the pulse of the latest beauty industry studies and research. Using science based technology, OBIA Naturals products have developed an award winning reputation for high quality formulations that are composed of easily absorbed natural humectants that nourish all hair textures and skin types.

A well-respected beauty industry thought leader, Obia Ewah uses educational Instagram clips and DIY YouTube videos as a platform to inspire and educate women on the science behind healthy hair. Obia’s passion for quality ingredients has propelled OBIA Naturals to the forefront of the natural hair movement with features by top beauty influencers and magazines such as Forbes, Business Insider and Essence. OBIA Naturals distribution past and present includes Wal-Mart, Target, Sally Beauty, CVS, JC Penney, Albertsons, Giant Eagle, Discount Drug Mart, Bed Bath & Beyond, HEB, Amazon.com, beauty supply and in salon’s in over 21 countries.  OBIA Naturals was a finalist for Small Business of the Year by Amazon in 2019.

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Obia (pronounced "oh-bee-yah") means first daughter in the Lokaa language, our founders native tongue. Obia is from the Yakurr people of Nigeria, located in Cross River State. And yes, she is the first daughter of her family!