Legendary Hair Sponge
Legendary Hair Sponge

Legendary Hair Sponge

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Description: Whether your hair is short or several inches long, achieving eye-popping coils or curls has never been easier than with the OBIA Naturals Legendary Hair Sponge! The ergonomic design is crafted to fit naturally and comfortably in your hand. The effective surface features 8mm evenly spaced holes that are used to gently twist or coil your hair.

Directions for Use: Place sponge directly on hair and move hair sponge across the surface of the hair in a circular motion, with light pressure. Style as desired. Can be used daily. The item works best on slightly damp hair. Use Legendary Hair Moisturizing Cream before and Legendary Hydrating Finishing Spray afterward for best results.

Ingredients: Polyurethane Foam.

CRUELTY FREE: We do not test on animals.


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